A Father’s Son

A deeply affecting story of how the anti-heroes in life can be our strongest forces for growth, A Father’s Son is a heartbreaking tale of a teenage boy thrust into adulthood prematurely. (Click here to read sample chapters)

The Healing Room

After Jacob Broady is arrested and charged with domestic assault, assault causing bodily harm and rape, his world is irrevocably changed. Three days later, his mother is hospitalized after fracturing her ankle. Forced to move in with her eldest son, both Jacob and his brother Bobby become full-time caregivers over the time it takes for their 67-year-old mother to walk again. Throughout this all, Jacob must begin preparing his legal defence even as he struggles to come to grips with how a love so potent could devolve into sheer chaos and destruction. (Click here to read sample chapters)

The Immortal Flower

The Immortal Flower is a five-century epic set around Asia, with most of the novel unfolding in Korea. Drawing on elements from David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas and James Clavell’s Shogun, the stories are split into five parts, each of them set against one of Confucianism’s five great relationships: ruler/subject, older brother/younger brother, husband/wife, friend/friend and father/son. Told through a kaleidoscope of voices and from characters around the world, the heroes in all the stories must endure the unendurable while seeking to understand the essence of Korea’s very own immortal flower. (Click here to read sample chapters)

The Redemption of Guilt

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