A Father’s Son

A deeply affecting story of how the anti-heroes in life can be our strongest forces for growth, A Father’s Son is a heartbreaking tale of a teenage boy thrust into adulthood prematurely. (Click here to read sample chapters)

The Immortal Flower

The Immortal Flower is a sweeping five-century epic through world history. From the first recorded Europeans to set foot inside “The Hermit Kingdom” in 1653 through to a Canadian running from the mob in modern-day Seoul, readers are taken on a mind-bending odyssey that will see lives and events intersect, the repercussions of which will echo across continents for hundreds of years.

In ways they could never have imagined, Dutch sailors shipwrecked on the Isle of Quaelpaert in the 17th century will impact one woman’s Ph.D. thesis at the turn of the 21st century; three friends who wage battle with the Emperor of China at the mythical Great Fields of Ginseng will affect how King Kojong finds refuge at the Russian legation as Japan seeks to annex Korea into its burgeoning empire; and a teenage girl trying to survive the horrors of the Korean War will impart sage, heartfelt advice to a criminal dealing in black market goods at an opportune moment. Ultimately, how all these characters and stories relate to one another is revealed as intricately as a matryoshka doll being assembled by the deft hands of a master craftsperson. (Click here to read sample chapters)

The Redemption of Guilt

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