The First Critical Review: 4.5/5 Stars

Reviews will kick your ass. They’ll question what you put into a piece. They’ll ask the tough questions about things you’re most sensitive about. And in the end, they’ll stand as a barometer of what you accomplished. Judith, who reviews upwards of 20 books a month and is an online legend, was kind enough to read my book and provide a thorough review. I’ll let her statements carry the day at this point…

“You know I read a lot and that I get more books offered for review than I can possibly read. So, I’ve become very picky. Especially when it comes to self-published books, as they can be of varying quality. It’s hard to tell, sometimes. Anyway, I’m glad to say: I got it right with this one!”

“I loved how Justin, at 14, was portrayed as an insecure boy who is brave enough to do the things he needs to do to keep going. Public speaking, getting a very early morning job, phoning his girlfriend when he thought they might be breaking up, getting in touch with his mother. An understated hero.”

“This was a very good read and there is no way you could distinguish it from a traditionally published book. Why it was self-published? I have no idea. It ticks all my boxes for a good book, so if it’s been to several publishers first, they were crazy not to accept this. There!”

And there it is. The first review.


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