Wattpad: Home of the Hottest New Short Stories

Wattpad is a Canadian-based site that’s awesome for readers, especially those who like short stories and poetry. Although it’s been around since 2006, it’s really picked up steam in the last couple of years (Margaret Atwood is now on board for a set of poetry awards called the “Attys”). You can post as often or infrequently as you like, create your own cover art (or upload originals) and interact with millions of fellow readers/writers.

I’ve recently started to post my short stories on Wattpad and will continue to add one story a week for the next few months. Click here to see my latest entry, “Men Gone Mad,” or click here to see my first short story, “The Language of Love.” If you like a story, please vote for it by clicking on the star icon in the  upper right-hand corner.

Happy reading!


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