ABNA Quarter-Finalists Announced

K, not my strongest picture for a post. Keep in mind, however, they pay me the big bucks (i.e. less than minimum wage) to be a soldier on the pen, not a design guy who wears tight slacks and monogrammed eyewear.

Today, Quarter-Finalists were announced for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and A Father’s Son made the cut. Nice! Or as they say in Korean, 나이스! Obviously a big difference linguistically.

Amazon sends you this PDF file and as you scroll down to see if your name and title are there, it’s a little like being back in school and wondering what you got on that final exam you totally know you aced…but could very well have bombed. Exhilarating! Frustrating. Inspiring! Heartbreaking. Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, my god, no. NO!!!!

But it’s all good. Onwards and upwards we roll from here.



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