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It may seem like there’s a new National/International Day of SOMETHING every morning you wake up, but some do a better job of raising awareness than others. In light of yesterday’s National Coming Out Day (October 11), I’ll let Tom Blunt from signature-reads.com set this one up:

“To those looking on from the outside, coming out as queer may no longer seem like a terribly momentous occasion. This act, however, remains a singular event in the life of anyone who’s been keeping a pivotal part of themselves concealed — whether deliberately, or because their natural comportment causes them to pass among others undetected.”

In light of this theme, I’d like to offer a quote from the amazing James Baldwin and his seminal work of fiction, Giovanni’s Room (1956), which would have required great pathos to write and herculean strength to publish back in his day.

“People can’t, unhappily, invent their mooring posts, their lovers and their friends, anymore than they can invent their parents. Life gives these and also takes them away and the great difficulty is to say Yes to life.”


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