Where Will You Be in 5 Years?

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The answer to the title of this post, according to Jimi Smoot (not to be confused with Jimmy Smits), and vis a vis motivational speaker Charlie Jones, is (1) the people you meet over this time and (2) the books you get through over the next 60 months.

In an article titled “Here Are the 10 Books You Should Read This Year,” Jimi S. argues:

“Of all of the activities or resolutions that we will partake in this year, very few will have the short and long-term impact that reading will. The reason for this is simple. Our perception is a critical part of how we treat people or analyze new ideas. By reading a good book we are able to shift our perception. The world has become more noisy lately, so having the right lens to see things through is more critical than ever.”

Smoot then comes up with a list of 10 books that are must-reads (none of which have ever been in my kitchen), but if you want one person’s recommendation on what to delve into this year, check out the list and judge for yourself.


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