Greatness Abounds in the Spaces of Discomfort

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In a post titled “Why Discomfort Is The Key to Success In Life and Business: How to transform your fear to excitement in the dance of life,” self-proclaimed “lover” and “fierce believer in all humans” Benjamin Foley (@benjamin_foley) writes about something that most of us know deep down, but often fail to remember/heed when the going gets tough (and the tough don’t necessarily get going): No pain, no gain!

To sum up the gung-ho, positive-spirited, you-can-do-anything-you-set-your-mind-to piece by Mr. Foley, I’ll quote the author himself, as he does a very nice job of tying this one up with wrapping paper and a pretty bow to boot:

It is in the spaces of discomfort that your life is formed. In the silence of the everyday.

So, if you’d like to learn how to turn fear into excitement, and pessimism into opportunity, give the above link a read. Even if you know all the truisms listed in the article, you’ll at least feel better for having read it – and that counts for something!


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