Advice on Self-Publishing

Ah, yes. Self-publishing. Just saying those words is enough to send a tingle of excitement up the spine of many writers, especially if you’ve never published anything before and hope to make it big. We’ve all heard the spiel, right?

“I self-published my book on how to make origami out of spent fuel rods and made millions!” Ivan A. Hump, author of From Rocket Fuel to Rocket Fun!: Blow Your Friends and Their Minds at the Same Time

“In a dream I had last year, Toonces whispered sweet nothings in my ear and said I should publish a driving guide for cats. Well, the rest is history. I not only had it published, but it went on to become a New York State Times bestseller in just 12.1 seconds!” Anole Lady, author of Cats Don’t Have Opposable Thumbs, Dumbass: But They Sure Can Drive Good!


For those of us with experience in this area, the feeling of self-publishing is part excitement, yes, but mostly dread at the long, winding path ahead that is fraught with ghosts, ghouls and goblins.

The good folks at ScreenCraft (@screencrafting) recently posted a piece titled “Self-Publishing Your Novel: A Guide for Screenwriters.” They also wrote a nifty little piece called “Web Presence and SEO for eBook Publishers (or movie producers)” that’s got some swell advice, too.

Although I myself posted on the subjects of self-publishing and the evolution of a novel, you can never have too much information/knowledge/advice when going down the self-publishing road. Every little bit helps. Truly and for trues.

For anyone out there thinking of publishing that story or book or guide you’ve been sitting on for months/years, all the while collecting rejection letter after rejection letter from agents and publishers, I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about going it alone. Contact me at should you wish to learn more from someone who has fought (bravely, of course, and with real valour) in the trenches of this burgeoning field.


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