The Ghosts of Books Past


What stately, chiseled milksop hath graced the top of this post! Out, damn’d spot!

Many thanks to my old friend Joe Chung who just sent me this photo from my book launch for Faces of Korea at Seoul Selection bookstore all the way back in 2004. Owner Hank Kim was very kind to open the place up to my Mötley Crüe of Die Hard followers (i.e. my brother, his best friends Young-bum and Bum-suck, Bruce “Wha’chu talkin’ ’bout” Willis, Vince Neil and Tommy Lee).

While I clearly haven’t aged since then, I still can’t believe I was a mere 21 years old at the time! What splendorous days of yore, when frolicking in the meadows was still an admirable (and exciting!) activity to take part in on weekends.


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