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“I should like to bury something precious in every place where I’ve been happy and then, when I’m old and ugly and miserable, I could come back and dig it up and remember.”

Evelyn Waugh, Brideshead Revisited

For anyone who has even a little bit of love-on for the England of yore, this book is for you. Evelyn Waugh, most recently mentioned in Sofia Coppola’s Oscar-winning Lost in Translation, was a prolific journalist, biographer, travel writer and critic during his lifetime, but is today probably best remembered for his classic 1945 novel Brideshead Revisited.

There are numerous versions of this book that have been adapted to the silver screen and turned into TV miniseries, but if you find yourself in the mood for an oldie but a literary goodie, you won’t be disappointed  with this book.


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