Why Do Smart People Do Stupid Things?

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I love it when the title of an article both creates its own post title for me and answers a burning question many of us have been wondering about for years!

Writing for The Guardian, Andre Spicer, co-author of The The Stupidity Paradox: The Power and Pitfalls of Functional Stupidity at Work, penned an informative piece called “Why do smart people do stupid things? It’s simple.” Long answer short: high IQ means superior analytical intelligence, not creative or practical intelligence.

Case in point.

“Being smart can come at a cost. Asking tricky questions, doing the research and carefully thinking things through takes time. It’s also unpleasant. Most of us would rather do anything than think. A recent study found that when left alone in a room, people preferred to give themselves electric shocks than quietly sit and think. Being smart can also upset people. Asking tough questions can quickly make you unpopular.”

Read the full article through the above link for more insight into this “smoke yourself thin” paradox.


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