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“How silly then to imagine that the human mind, which is formed of the same elements as divine beings, objects to movement and change of abode, while the divine nature finds delight and even self-preservation in continual and very rapid change.”

— Seneca

No, Seneca. You were wrong. Moving sucks. Like, sucks the big one. Hardcore.

Sorry, but after yet another move today (so, so, so glad I keep so many freaking books), my muscles in need of some East German speed skater hands to massage over them, I vehemently and diametrically oppose the notion that it’s “silly” to object to changing abodes.

Seriously, look at that Polaroid above! That was taken back when the dude was tutoring Nero on how to fiddle with the best of ’em when your city/empire is burning to the ground. Does that look like a guy who’s happy to move? No, it does not. That’s the look that says Thank you very much, but I would prefer to live in my present godforsaken hellhole than to move into a sweeter, phatter pad by the Coliseum.


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