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“Heaven opened and the water hammered down, reviving the reluctant old well, greenmossing the pigless pigsty, carpet bombing still, tea-colored puddles the way memory bombs still, tea-colored minds.”

Arundhati Roy, The God of Small Things

It’s raining out today. Therefore, I am thinking about rain. Actually, this sentence jumped out at me, and I very much enjoyed the Booker Prize-winning novel The God of Small Things, so what the heck! I figure anytime you have to double-take a single sentence a couple of times because it’s so full of vivid imagery, you’ve got a winner on your hands.

In case you haven’t heard, Ms. Roy has a (relatively) new novel out, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, which, according to the book’s blurb, “takes us on an intimate journey of many years across the Indian subcontinent – from the cramped neighborhoods of Old Delhi and the roads of the new city to the mountains and valleys of Kashmir and beyond, where war is peace and peace is war.”


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