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I like sharing. It warms the cockles of my heart. Which makes me feel warm, a little fuzzy, and somewhat sexy mild. Thus and therefore, let me share a bookish site for all your hardcore bookies out there.

For those interested in keeping up to date with reviews of books new and old, I’ve come across a blog I think is great called Bookidote.

Per the two webmasters who are masters of their own bookish domain:

Bookidote (\ˈboo-ki-ˌdōt\) : Lashaan and Trang’s creation. It is a commitment that holds countless ideas in one word. Three syllables. Nine letters. These two squandered souls firmly believe that books aren’t just a pastime for intellectuals or a mandatory purchase for your studies. Bookidote is much more. It marries books with antidotes, knowledge with cure, imagination with elixir. It refers to the ability that books withhold in swallowing you into a universe and encouraging you to live a unique and different adventure every time you crack open a book. Bookidote acknowledges the fact that books can help you explore ideas, stimulate your imagination and live innumerable lives.

Go check out these two phat cats if you’re looking for something to read or simply learn more about them and their emporium of literary wonders.


I’m adding (@ivereadthisblog) Anne Logan’s I’ve Read This. Looking for Something Good to Read? blog to what I hope will be a burgeoning list of awesome sites dedicated to books and book reviews.



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3 responses to “A Literary Blog of Bookies, by Bookies, for Bookies

  1. Found this while perusing the #bookidote tag in my wordpress reader. Thank you so much for the love. I truly appreciate it. Happy reading, sir. 😀

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