How to Deal with Stupid

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ThunderPuff has written a very thoughtful yet humorous piece on a very serious subject: stupidity. Or, to be more specific, in his article titled “How to Deal with Stupid: Before It’s Too Late,” Mr. Puff writes,

“I wish I could tell you to just stay the hell away from Stupid, but realistically, that’s not feasible. One would have to completely sever oneself from all human interaction.”

He then goes on to delineate this even more when he writes:

“Stupid is what happens when ignorance is rewarded. Repeatedly.”

Hallelujah! Don’t I know it. In this great game/journey called life, I have scored way off the Stupid charts on so many occasions that it actually boggles my mind. Sometimes I think an axiomatic mantra should be: We live. We don’t really learn. We repeat said mistake many more times and then, instead of fixing it, we just move on and pretend it never happened.

But that’s just me.

As ThunderPuff goes on to write:

“As conspicuous as Stupid may seem, flaunting about with cheap, Cirque du Soleil-style mental contortions, it’s very tempting to think we’re impervious to its “charms.” Especially since the alternatives to Stupid, Doubt and Inquisitiveness, are real douche bags. They’re the asshole party poopers who question your buffet options (and life choices) and never know when to leave.”

And in the end, he concludes by saying,

“For instance, I could be a carrier of Stupid and be spreading stupidity like Typhoid Mary right now and, unless I ask myself, “Is this Stupid?” or you ask yourself “Is she drunk?” and then sincerely contemplate that possibility, we could do serious damage to each other with our stupidity.

Or maybe it’s ignorance. Either way, use a condom.”

Ha ha ha. Stupid is as stupid does.


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