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Writing a Book Blurb

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In a politically charged world, whose electric charge will carry the day? Will it be the protons or the electrons?

Only one man and his drunk, automobile-driving cat will be able to unlock the mystery. Join I.M. Anutbar and Toonces as they weave their way through Washington’s subterranean world of alternating and direct currents.

On their path to modifying the city’s current and voltage, they’ll need to reach out to a most unlikely ally: E.T.

But will they make it out alive? Will they be trumped by The Republic? Join this dynamic duo as they duel with outlandish bureaucrats in epic jousting tournaments that will have you running to the bathroom in pain and joy!

Imagine cruising the aisles of a bookstore with your sunglasses on, full-length trenchcoat trailing on the floor behind you, and then coming upon this book blurb on the back cover of a novel! Now that’s how you entice a reader! Or, maybe, not so much.

S. Katherine Anthony over at Writers After Dark  (@WritersAfterDrk) has written an informative piece called “7 Tips for Writing a Book Blurb.” You can read the post yourself, but essentially Ms. Anthony sums up the book blurb as follows:

“A book blurb is an important tool in convincing your readers to buy your book. Essentially, it’s a sales pitch. And you want it to be KILLER.”

Check out Writers After Dark for this and other great pieces on the craft of writing.


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