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Kellyanne Conway’s Future Book Reviews?

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Not surprisingly, The New Yorker has managed, once again, to combine literature, politics and humour. Sorry, humor.

Writing for that rag of a magazine that the REAL media uses to wipe their arses with, Bob Vulfov (@bobvulfov) imagines what book reviews written by Donnie T.’s Counselor to the President – and co-author of What Women Really Want (no joke) – might look like in a piece called “Kellyanne Conway Spins Great Works of Literature.”

Although all of the reviews are literary gold, this one just might be my favourite. Sorry, favorite.


Time after time, I see the land media refer to Moby Dick as the embodiment of evil, and, frankly, this sort of coverage disappoints me. If they keep this up, partisanship will continue to divide creatures of the sea and creatures of the land. Throughout his campaign, Captain Ahab constantly blamed someone else for his own despair, but sometimes you just have to take a look in the mirror. All the polls said that Moby Dick had no shot against Captain Ahab, but look at what happened. Ahab’s ship was destroyed in a nautical landslide. The land media, the pollsters, the crew aboard the Pequod—they all got it wrong. Now it’s time to let the large whale-beast govern.

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