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Must-Read WW I Novels

Ouch! According to a list compiled by dictionary.com on must-read fiction about World War I, I am a dullard and a fathead. Of the seven books included on the list, I’ve read but two of them. The books are as follows: The Return of the Soldier (Rebecca West), Three Soldiers (John Dos Passos), Johnny Got His Gun (Dalton Trumbo), A Farewell to Arms (Ernest Hemingway), Good-bye to All That (Robert Graves), Memoirs of an Infantry Officer (Siegfried Sassoon), and All Quiet on the Western Front (Erich Maria Remarque).

For those who enjoy non-fiction books on the subject more, I’d definitely recommend the all-time classic, The Guns of August (Barbara Tuchman), and Paris 1919 (Margaret MacMillan).



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