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Foodie Fantasia with a Savvy/Savoury Twist

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John Semley has a book for all you foodies out there to consider in his article in The Globe and Mail titled “Review: Benjamin Errett’s Elements of Taste is refreshingly prescriptive.”

On top of Benjamin Errett‘s “Grand Unified Theory of Taste,” he of course explores the five central cultural flavours and even delivers some “tasting menus” in Elements of Taste: Understanding What We Like and Why.

As Mr. Semley writes, there’s depth and humour at play here, too:

“Those savvy enough to catch a reference to a middlebrow ensemble comedy [The Royal Tenenbaums] are expected to be won over to Errett’s side. “This guy likes what I like,” an imagined reader may think. And in discussing matters of taste – and in criticism more generally – a sense of friendly affinity goes a long way.”


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