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The Ties That Bind: Video of the Day

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A new segment! Yippee! As an erudite, open-minded, humble, kindly kind person, I love sharing nice things with nicely people, so I figured if I have a Quote of the Day, I might as well have a Video of the Day from time to time.

My good friend Tyler L., a top film producer who got his start as a key grip in Smoke Yourself Thin and You Ain’t on the Moon Yet, Timmy! can attest to, Denmark is da bomb. Well, those wily Danes have done it again, it seems. This commercial produced by a Danish TV network is not so much a tearjerker as it is a wakeup call for humanity. I can’t think of a period in my lifetime when divisiveness ruled the day as much as it does at present.

So for all you sentimentalists out there, Joel H., pull out a box of tissues, sit back, and watch something that will not only make you proud to be alive, but perhaps even entice you to travel to the land famous for the Little Mermaid, Hans Christian Andersen, and overpriced coffee.

Click here to watch the commercial.


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