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Quote of the Day

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“Pain demands that I pay attention to it, then tells me random things very loudly. Like a natural process it resists prediction and administration. It can run away with itself. It changes without notice or evident pattern. Pain keeps its secrets. It is like nature that way, like the weather and the ecosystem, economies, earthquakes, rivers, public policy. Pain never lets you simplify complexity. It is the ecosystem of me, in stochastic rebellion against the cognitive me. The disease might kill you or not, but to be sure self-pity will kill you if you let it go unchecked. There’s no avoiding self-pity, there’s no one who is perfectly capable of never falling into it. It is pain’s most dangerous traveling companion. Pain may hold on to you, but it’s self-pity that eats you alive.”

Quinn Norton, “Learning From Pain: On living a continuously interrupted life

Most times I link the Quote of the Day to someone famous that we should have all read by now, but once in a while I come across something from an everyday person like you and me that is well written and resonates through my laptop screen with reverberation-like resonance.

Today’s quotation is one such shining example. Ms. Norton has a specific angle that she’s coming from, she knows of what she speaks, and she has put together a thoroughly informative, touching, and eye-opening piece about a universal subject.


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