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HCC’s First Look Offer: Local Girl Missing

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Do you like reading? Do you like free stuff? Are you Canadian? If you replied yes to all three of these questions, then you should check out @HarperCollinsCa because they have a program called First Look (#HCCFirstLook) in which they periodically give people to an opportunity to read an advance copy of a book.

There are currently 10 copies up for grabs of Local Girl Missing by Claire Douglas (@Dougieclaire), author of the award-winning The Sisters. Per the HarperCollins website, here’s a brief summary of the novel:

When Sophie begins to date Leon, Frankie warns her not to be lured in by his sensitivity and startling blue eyes. Frankie sees a dark side to him, but Sophie is smitten. Soon after this romance begins, twenty-one-year-old Sophie vanishes, last seen at the town’s old Victorian pier.

Twenty years later, Frankie receives a call from Sophie’s brother, Daniel, informing her that remains have been found near the old pier. Frankie wonders if it could be Sophie and returns to her hometown to try to finally find closure. But when she arrives, Frankie thinks she sees a woman on the pier late at night, a woman who looks just like Sophie. Could she be seeing her friend’s ghost? Does someone else know what happened those many years ago?

Click on the above First Look link to put your literary hat in the ring for a chance to be one of those 10 lucky Canuck recipients.


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