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ATTN: Jay Gatsby SUBJECT: $$$

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I wonder what Jay Gatsby would have to say about this article in the NYT by Rachel Sherman (@rwsherman10) titled “What the Rich Won’t Tell You.”

Eye-opening though it may be for some, my own experiences with the super-rich here in Toronto have taught me that New Yorkers are not alone in this category of what I like to call “social stratification avoidance.” They drive cars like Subarus and Kias; their kids go to public schools; they take modest vacations within…gulp…Canada.

Alternatively, sandals are what you wear on your feet; first class is the opening lecture of a semester; the Hamptons were a jazz musician (Lionel) and a Confederate general (Wade); and The Great Gatsby is soooooo passé, a novel from a bygone era that is no longer relevant.

Funny to think how out of touch Donnie T. is there in his house painted white. How he must pine to return to the Palace of Versailles on 5th Avenue. Mon Dieu! Imagine if he were cultured enough to actually visit the real Versailles, study its storied past in French history, and understand why it is now a public venue for people to visit and learn from, not live in and show off with unconscionable pride.


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