Prepare Yourself for a Symphony of Deliciousness

Cooking With Amore: 100 Vegan Recipes for Health, Well-being and Spiritual Evolution

When you publish a book, it’s a pretty special feeling. But when you see a friend you really care about publish their very first book, it’s an even more special feeling. Just before moving to Mexico a couple of months ago, my near and dear friend of many years, Maria Amore, published a vegan cookbook that is nothing short of amazing. So says the carnivore who had never made a vegan dish before reading through every single recipe in this book.

You can read my review online at Goodreads or buy the book through Amazon. It’s also available on Kindle.

Congratulations to Maria and all the best with her future culinary endeavours. The world’s kitchens are better places because of your vision and passion.



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