Which Classic Novel Describes Your Life?

Man alive, has literary cover art ever changed over the years!

So in the spirit of pure silliness and Facebook-driven drivel, I took this test, which is supposed to find the classic novel that best captures your spirit (i.e. your multiple choice answers). In my case, that’s apparently The Great Gatsby. It’s kind of funny, I guess, because I’m one of those rare people who really never liked Gatsby. This was the official analysis on me based on the test:

Romantic and driven by passion, your ups and downs are told within the pages of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic THE GREAT GATSBY! If one thing is true about you, it’s that your entire life has been a search for true love and the passion that true love brings. This, however, has led you down a bumpy road. You’re capable of making massive sacrifices for love, and are willing to do whatever it takes – no matter how crazy – to win the one you love.


Personally, I was always  fascinated by Fitzgerald’s life more than his writing. A self-admitted alcoholic and “drunkard,” Fitzgerald lived a hard-drinking life that saw him famous by the 1920s, forgotten by the late 30s and dead by 1940 from alcohol abuse at the ripe old age of 44. As the man himself once said, “I have lived hard and ruined the essential innocence [sic] in myself that could make it that possible [sic], and the fact that I have abused liquor is something to be paid for with suffering and death perhaps but not renunciation.”

If you’re interested in seeing which classic novel best describes your life, Take the test here yourself.


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