NYT Pulp Fiction Contest

So the New York Times has a contest running that ends at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Friday, Nov. 21. You can write up to  150 words in “pulp fiction style” for the opening of the 1951 magazine cover as seen above.

Here’s my entry for the contest.

Dirk Luger looked down Banner Street with slits for eyes as thin as a stiletto. He didn’t trust no one, specially the three punks hanging fast and loose on the corner of East 12th. Ain’t no matter, he told himself, ’cause Dirk Luger had been in plenty of tight spots, and not just as the tough kid from Brooklyn. He’d been in the service. Pacific Campaign. Now, a bunch of saps was looking to shake him down for all he was worth after snatching Veronica Newlove from the office yesterday.

Suddenly, two hatchetmen sashayed down the steps of a flophouse, Veronica Newlove jammed between them, each tuckin’ iron between their trousers.

“Showtime,” Dirk Luger said in a low voice as he began marching forward, the punks set to meet their Maker, his new moll, Veronica Newlove, about to see what a real man was made of.

If you like my pulpy opening, feel free to recommend it or comment on it by clicking here.

Alternatively, you can click here to go to the NYT page where you can submit your own entry.


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