When Writing May Not Be Your Thing

No need to mention names, but this was a recent post from a PUBLISHED AUTHOR on a forum I take part in on LinkedIn:

I have two issues I am dealing with and need advise.

My publisher sais I do not help enough with marketing for my first book and she is right, because I know very little regarding the internet and I don’t like interviews, so is there another way to assist in marketing a book without doing this things? Also I was told because of my insecurities in writing that it would be good to find two people who can review my stories and give me feedback but I don’t know how to find this people, does anyone have any suggestions for this?

Hmm. Let’s examine your quixotic quandary in more detail, Ms. PUBLISHED AUTHOR. You didn’t have anybody look over your work before publishing a novel; your spelling is slightly rustic; your full-flavoured punctuation could be more robust; you’re not familiar with this brand-new invention called the interweb; you aren’t comfortable promoting your book in public; and – last but certainly not least – you have no confidence in your ability to write.

Does that about cover all the bases?

Although it’s possible you have a long and fruitful career awaiting you in the literary arts, you might want to consider taking some time away. You know, to collect your thoughts and all. Perhaps take stock of what is good in your life and consider a transition to another field.

The lesson we can all take away from this person is that absolutely ANYONE can get published today, which I suppose is encouraging for aspiring writers everywhere. Not literate? Not a problem. Unable to string together a proper sentence? No biggie! Have you lost the plot before you even get to the plot? Not a hot issue.

However, if you can hit random keys on a keyboard and press SEND on your email, you’re good to go! The world is your oyster! Light it up and take no prisoners! Your first novel is definitely within reach, and that’s the best advise I can give.


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