9 Tools That Will Help You Become a Better Writer

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For many of us in the writing business – whether writing fiction, non-fiction, academic papers, copywriting, business proposals, or simply writing for fun – we often focus on the creative process and constantly think about ways to be more creative/productive. However, from a technical standpoint there are numerous software programs out there that help grease the wheels of the creative process, improve your grammar, and force you to meet goals (one program actually erases everything you’ve written if you don’t reach your word count/time target!)

A thoroughly eye-opening piece was published on medium.com (@Medium) today on how to sharpen and hone your skills as a writer through computer programs. Titled “9 Tools That Will Help You Become a Better Writer,” it’s worth checking out, especially if you find yourself lacking the drive to write or could simply use new ideas on how to come up with fresh ideas.


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