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Keys to Getting a Million Views for Your Site

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Bloggers/Writers/Entrepreneurs, take note. If you want to up your A game and reach seven digits with your total number of site views, take a few minutes and read this excellent piece by Jon Westenberg (@Jonwestenberg) titled “The Tools I Used To Reach 5,000,000 Views on Medium.”

I’ll let Mr. Westenberg do the heavy lifting on this one, but basically he highlights some really simple-to-use yet highly effective tools. This can be accomplished by making use of websites like Grammarly, Google Trends, KeyHole, Speedlancer, Medium.com, and Google News, while vigorously seeking out your competition and finding out how you measure up against them in terms of content, popularity, on-target marketing, etc.

It obviously goes without saying that if your site looks at least half-normal – not like one of these “Top 10 worst websites you’ll wish you hadn’t seen” – and you know how to string together sentences that prove you graduated from grammar school (pun intended), then the seven-digit site views goal is not a pipe dream; it’s definitely within reach as long as you’re willing to do a lot of hard work and log a ton of miles.

Should you get down on yourself and lose confidence somewhere down this path, just remember what my favourite hagwon in Korea used to remind its students: “You can do!”


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9 Tools That Will Help You Become a Better Writer

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For many of us in the writing business – whether writing fiction, non-fiction, academic papers, copywriting, business proposals, or simply writing for fun – we often focus on the creative process and constantly think about ways to be more creative/productive. However, from a technical standpoint there are numerous software programs out there that help grease the wheels of the creative process, improve your grammar, and force you to meet goals (one program actually erases everything you’ve written if you don’t reach your word count/time target!)

A thoroughly eye-opening piece was published on medium.com (@Medium) today on how to sharpen and hone your skills as a writer through computer programs. Titled “9 Tools That Will Help You Become a Better Writer,” it’s worth checking out, especially if you find yourself lacking the drive to write or could simply use new ideas on how to come up with fresh ideas.

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The Beauty of Anonymity

Jeff Goins wrote an interesting piece on medium.com about anonymity and the price of fame, especially in an era when people have become obsessed with it, called “Nobody’s Heard of You and That’s Okay.”

Before launching into all the reasons why it’s alright to be anonymous as a writer in this day and age, he details the story of F. Scott Fitzgerald, a heartbreaking story in and of itself. Inevitably, one of the fundamental questions he raises is this: If fame more often than not directly or indirectly crushes us professionally/emotionally/spiritually, why do so many of us constantly pursue it?

Four quotes he highlights concerning this subject that I thought were right on the money are the following:

We all love the idea of getting what we want now without realizing the negative implications of success.

Fast fame is the quickest to fade.

Successful people fail just as much as unsuccessful people. The difference is in how they interpret failure.

There are special privileges reserved for the unlikely and overlooked.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want more success with my literary career, but Goins is right to point out that there are certain advantages to being Joe Nobody. For example, there’s definitely something to be said about the fearlessness in experimentation because you’re not afraid of the blowback from society. That being said, it’s always tempting to consider whether it’s possible to reap all the positive rewards from fame (wealth and status) without taking on the negative (greed and insecurity). I don’t have the answer to that one, but I’ll certainly come back to it later in life if I ever hit the big time!



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