Relationships Confirmed by the Big Bang Theory

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As many of my readers will undoubtedly know, I am a polymath of the highest degree. Like, way past the Ph.D. degree level. In fact, some have gone so far as to say that I put the “2+2” into “polymath.” Boom! Er…bang!

While thinking about the origins of the universe this morning (yes, I think about random things at random times of the day), I hearkened back to the discovery of Cosmic Microwave Background in 1964 by Arno Penzias and Bob Wilson, what astrophysicist Ethan Siegel (@StartsWithABang) described as “a breathtaking confirmation of the Big Bang” in his piece “The Big Bang Wasn’t The Beginning After All: Why you can’t extrapolate back to a singularity.”

How does this relate to human relationships on planet Earth, you ask? That’s a fair, fair, fair! question. I myself only realized how fair a question earlier this morning while simultaneously whittling a canoe from basswood and sipping away on my rocket fuel (i.e. Starbutts coffee).

Let me provide the reasoning behind Cosmic Microwave Background, only I’m going to substitute the word “Universe” with “Relationship,” “wavelength” with “distance,” “light” with “radiance” (as defined by Joyce), “energy” with “intensity,” and the ‘forming of atoms’ with ‘the ability to think.’

Ready for love explained in one easy scientific go of it? Per the 1964 theory that changed the way the world thinks about our origins:

An expanding Relationship doesn’t just mean that things get farther apart as time goes on, it also means that the radiance existing in the Relationship stretches in distance as we travel forward in time. Since distance determines intensity (less distance is more energetic), that means the Relationship cools as we age, and hence things were hotter in the past. Extrapolate this back far enough, and you’ll come to a time where everything was so hot that we couldn’t think straight.

Using Mr. Siegel’s title of his above-mentioned piece to conclude this post, a Relationship does not begin with a Big Bang, and what constitutes its inception cannot be inferred from a single event or moment. Put another way, and to be slightly more romantic, A Relationship, like the Universe, is just what Aristotle described more than two millennia ago: The whole is greater the sum of its parts; a couple – just like everything around us – is better together than separated into its individual units, no matter how much the radiance stretches in distance over time.


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