Branding for Editors in T.O.

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What makes for good branding in the world of freelance editing, and how does it come about? How can editors communicate their brand to attract clients who will be a good fit for their skills, goals, and experience?

Join us on Tuesday, October 24, for a panel discussion and workshop geared to helping freelance editors hone the messages they use to communicate with prospective clients. Freelance writer and editor Marnie Lamb of Ewe Editorial Services will speak about how she developed her brand organically; entrepreneurial consultant Donovan Dill will speak about branding as the bedrock of any business; and freelance magazine editor/incubator Carolyn Camilleri will lead a mini-workshop to help editors define and refine their brand to attract the right clients.

When: Tuesday, October 24, 7 PM
Where: Centre for Social Innovation (CSI), 215 Spadina Ave., Toronto, Alterna Savings room, fourth floor
IMPORTANT: The CSI building closes at 6 PM. If there is no Editors Toronto greeter at the front door when you arrive, please enter through the Dark Horse Espresso Bar (attached to the CSI, on Spadina, open until 8 PM), and take the elevator up to the fourth floor. If the Dark Horse café is closed when you arrive, please text Lee, programs chair, at 647-607-0416, and we will send someone to open the door.


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