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A Thank-You Note

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It struck me this morning that I don’t thank my readers enough for the time they invest not only in reading my (sometimes) syrupy fluff and (usually) well-intentioned musings, but also for writing to me, commenting on/liking/sharing posts, and sending me material/links/stories/videos, etc.

One case in point is the time took to like my quote from yesterday’s QOTD. Ordinarily this would not be a “hot issue” (핫이슈), but because it was from the Dalai Lama, I feared I might incur the wrath of the Chinese government and have my site blocked by the Beijing Bullies. Such was not the case (yet), so I’m grateful that said Twitter user made the effort to carry out such a “virulent” act over such an innocuous post.

It’s funny, but in my very first post, waaaaaaay back in 2013, I wrote something to the effect of ‘I probably won’t be posting here very often, but…’ Okay, so I got that one horribly wrong.

Anyway, as Maya Kachroo-Levine over at thoughtcatalog.com noted in an article titled “50 Things That Will Never Go Out Of Style (And Why They’re Timeless),” thank-you notes are always à la mode. Like Scrabble, mystery novels, fireplaces, traveling, barbecues, fountain pens, tea, and, of course – OF COURSE! – Tiffany & Co.

With that in mind, I’m going to try and dedicate today’s posts to some of the people who’ve reached out to me and share with the rest of you some really great material, kind of like what I did last week with A Literary Blog of Bookies, by Bookies, for Bookies.


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