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PR Trends in 2018

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For all you social media gurus, self-promoters and indie authors out there, John Hall has some public relations advice to offer in a piece titled “6 PR trends to check out in 2018” to follow up on my summary of Rachel Thompson and her amazingly informative Dos and Don’ts on Twitter (“Back to Basics: Twitter“).

I’ll let Mr. Hall do the heavy lifting through his own well-researched piece, but the highlights, according to him, are the following:

  • Personal branding and thought leadership will go beyond executives
  • Owning your digital landscape will never be more important to attract followers
  • Internal PR pros will need to bring in specialty firms for support
  • PR will need to understand business goals besides its own
  • You will have to consider dark social influence
  • Separating measurement into qualitative and quantitative metrics will be critical

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