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Twitter –> Brevity = New Vocab. & 다른 언어 사용

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Three guys who’ve never been in my kitchen AND know brevity real good!

While not quite as immediately helpful as the piece by Rachel Thompson on “How to start using hashtags effectively right now,” Josh Wilburne still wants to get Twittery on your ***. Seriously, he even said so. Mr. Wilburne works for that little-cable-car-that-could in San Francisco called @twitter, and has an informative piece to read over titled “Looking After Number One-forty: Solving a number of design challenges.

It’s interesting in ways that people who like Twitter will find interesting.

For me, I found it more empowering that Mr. Wilburne has inadvertently proven that Korean is the greatest language. Ever. In the history of the world. Stamped it. No erasies.

Like Japanese, Korean is compact enough to squeeze a massively massive boatload of thoughts/information into very few characters. Unlike Japanese, however, the Koreans created their script, Hangul (한글: see, six letters vs. two characters), from scratch, making it the only extant written language that was invented!

Therefore, Korean is now the official language of Twitter.

P.S. For anyone curious about the word “brevity,” you could look it up in the dictionary, but you’ll see pretty much the same thing as below. The example they use at dictionary.com about compacting your language like a trash compactor (remember those?) is so amazing that my slight tweest on it practically wrote itself.




2. the quality of expressing much in few words; terseness:

“Ironically, it is long-winded Polonius in Shakespeare’s Hamlet who famously says that brevity is the soul of (t)wit(ter).”


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PR Trends in 2018

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For all you social media gurus, self-promoters and indie authors out there, John Hall has some public relations advice to offer in a piece titled “6 PR trends to check out in 2018” to follow up on my summary of Rachel Thompson and her amazingly informative Dos and Don’ts on Twitter (“Back to Basics: Twitter“).

I’ll let Mr. Hall do the heavy lifting through his own well-researched piece, but the highlights, according to him, are the following:

  • Personal branding and thought leadership will go beyond executives
  • Owning your digital landscape will never be more important to attract followers
  • Internal PR pros will need to bring in specialty firms for support
  • PR will need to understand business goals besides its own
  • You will have to consider dark social influence
  • Separating measurement into qualitative and quantitative metrics will be critical

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Back to Basics: Twitter

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Man alive! Every time I learn something about a social media platform, I feel like I’ve gone back to grade one and can’t master that fine art of tying your own shoelaces.

What the Dynamite! Thank all Napoleons for people like Rachel Thompson over at Bad Redhead Media because at least she gives you ways to fix your stupidity after pointing out a few/many things you’ve probably been doing wrong for months/years on Twitter. (It’s not only frightening how well her whole online world is linked, it’s truly daunting…and inspiring.)

In a piece titled “This Twitter Guide Will Make You See What You’re Doing SO Wrong And How To Make It Right,” Ms. Thompson delicately (YOU DUMBASS!) points out where you’ve gone wrong (yes, engaging in Trump-like behaviour is smart whenever you feel slighted) and where you’ve gone right (you included your name!).

Seriously, though, for anyone who has a passing interest in Twitter and keeping up with the Tweetses, this is a must-read piece, extra-specially so if you run a business, self-promote, are involved in business/advertising/marketing, or if you want to take over the Twitterverse.

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